I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions

I think they’re just made to be broken.  However, the new year is a natural time to regroup, renew, reprioritize, and a lot of other “re’s”.  My brain is constantly challenged by a myriad of intentions, so the new year is an opportunity for me to sharpen my focus a bit.

There are two areas I want to zero in on during the coming year.  The first area is learning how to use herbs for health, including how to recognize and use the “weeds” in my local region.  I want to learn how to make tinctures and salves.  I want to expand my knowledge of essential oils and their uses.

My second objective for the year is to rework my budget and menu to allow the purchase of quality meats for the nourishment of my family.  This means grass-fed meat and pastured chicken, and if you’ve priced them lately you’ll know what I mean by “re-work my budget!”  They ain’t cheap.  However, with God’s help, I really think I can do it.  My initial thought is to plan the weekly menu so that the meat/poultry inclusions will be smaller portions, with less waste, and have one or more meatless meals during the week.

So are these New Year’s Resolutions?  Not for me, they aren’t.  I call them “areas of focus.”  It’s really just a matter of semantics, but this is the way my brain works.


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