This week’s menu, more or less (1/2/10)

D-Roast Chicken, butternut kale and potato sauerkraut pierogis
Prep-Bone broth

B-Fluffy cheese omelet, homefries, kefir
L-Salmon patties, tartar sauce, sautéed kale
D-LO salmon patties, LO potatoes
Prep-Soak rice

B-Spinach egg scrambled, toast, smoothie
L-Chicken asparagus rice casserole
D-LO casserole
Prep-Soak lentils, freeze extra rice, prepare waffle batter

B-Blender waffles, fried eggs, kefir
L-PB sandwich or LOs
D-Lentil kale soup
Prep-Thaw hamburger, pickled eggs

B-Poached eggs, hashbrowns, smoothie
L-LO soup
D-Hamburger gravy, boiled potatoes, butternut squash

B-Toast, scrambled eggs, fruit compote
L-Pickled eggs, carrot & apple slices


5 responses to “This week’s menu, more or less (1/2/10)

  1. Even to a veggie, this looks YUMMY!!! I may have to get some recipes from you. 🙂

  2. What does the “LO” stand for in your menus?

  3. Where can I get the recipe for the blender waffles?

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