Menu Plan Monday (1/10/10)

As usual for me with menu plans lately, I started last week off with a bang, only to fizzle mid-week.  I work most afternoon/evenings, so I try to leave Hubby and Little Boy with a nourishing meal for their dinner.  My problem is that I tend to make too much so we have more leftovers than I planned. One man and one toddler simply cannot do justice to a HUGE pot of lentil soup! This week, I will try to do better, though I may have sabotaged myself with some pretty labor-intensive preps.  We’ll see.

You’ll notice I don’t include menus for the weekend.  Hubby works weekends, so Little Boy and I eat leftovers or something very simple, or go visit family for meals ; ) Also, there aren’t very many vegetables on this week’s menu.  I will get our produce from our food coop next Saturday, so I don’t like to buy too much produce the week before, and we just use up what we have.

There’s a whole lot of soaking going on. I’ve gotten a little lax lately with this.  Even though I still have made nearly everything from scratch, I haven’t done that extra but extremely important step of soaking the grains. I’m determined to get back on track.  I think having this blog will help keep me more accountable!


  • D-BBQ Beef Short Ribs, scalloped potatoes, braised purple cabbage
  • Prep-Make bread, soak wheat & millet for cereal, soak spelt for crackers


  • B-Bacon, Homemade Cream of Wheat, fruit smoothie
  • L-Liver pâté, rosemary spelt crackers, carrots & celery
  • D-Out to dinner
  • Prep-Soak flour for cake, thaw hamburger


  • B-Fried eggs, hash browns, sauerkraut, kefir
  • L-LOs from dinner out
  • D-Black bean chile, applesauce cake
  • Prep-Drain kefir for sour cream & whey


  • B-Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, smoothie
  • L-Kipper dip, rosemary spelt crackers, carrots & celery
  • D-Baked potato with LO chile
  • Prep-None! <she sighs>


  • B-Poached eggs, home fries (make extra), sauerkraut, kefir
  • L-Peanut butter & honey sandwich
  • D-Salmon patties, tartar sauce, LO potatoes
  • Prep-Soak wheat & oats for waffles


  • B-Blender waffles, fried eggs, smoothie
  • L-LO salmon patties, tartar sauce, bread

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3 responses to “Menu Plan Monday (1/10/10)

  1. Please tell me more about soaking the grains. How to do it, and then how to use them!

    • Soaking grains in a slightly acidic medium (usually water with a little bit of whey) helps to neutralize the phytates normally present. Phytates are considered anti-nutrients; in other words, they block the body’s assimilation of nutrients. You can find more information on this on the web by googling “phytates soaking”, and one good website on the subject is

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