Menu Plan Monday (1/16/10)

Last week’s menu went a little better, I think.  Still didn’t make those blender waffles (or the salmon patties), but that’s okay.  This week’s involves less prep, which is good because I have to work four nights.  There are several meals here that are not technically NT, but you do the best you can, right?! Still, though, the meals are healthy, whole and real. It’s what I’m talking about.


  • Prep- Soak oats for pear crisp, marinate pork, make bread dough


  • D-Spicy pork & pepper goulash, spaghetti squash, pear crisp
  • Prep-Bake bread (1 loaf, 2 small rounds, 6 pita)


  • B-Ham & cheese omelet, home fries, kefir
  • L-Nachos, pears
  • D-Cuban pork sandwiches (w/roasted peppers, horseradish mayo, cabbage, mustard, dill pickle)
  • Prep-roast eggplant, chop veggies for casserole


  • B-Poached eggs, french toast, smoothie
  • L- Baba ghanoush (eggplant dip), pita, raw zucchini
  • D-Tuna casserole, broccoli
  • Prep-Thaw soup


  • B-LO tuna casserole (Yeah, I know, but we like it!!!), kefir
  • L-Cheese crisps (on pita)
  • D-Bean soup from freezer, cornbread


  • B-Fried eggs, hash browns, sauerkraut, smoothie
  • L-Chef salad, strawberries
  • D-Leftover Night!


  • B-Fried eggs, toast, mango cubes, kefir
  • L-Cheese, lettuce, tomato sandwich

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2 responses to “Menu Plan Monday (1/16/10)

  1. Hey, would you post your recipe for the baba ganoush? I forgot about that dish and I love it!

  2. forgive the spelling…oops

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