Four Good Fats. (How to make breakfast)

Take a cast iron skillet and put it on the stove.  While it’s heating up, slice a package of mushrooms. Slap a couple tablespoons of butter in the pan, and when it’s melted, throw in the mushrooms.  Spread them out, then don’t touch them for awhile.  When they begin to brown a bit, stir them a little here and there while you’re chopping some fresh parsely.

Wash a couple potatoes, and chop them into a little smaller than 1/2″ cubes. When the mushrooms are good and ready, salt and pepper them and throw on the parsely.  Slide the heavenly mushrooms onto a plate and set aside.  Add some beef tallow and a little olive oil to the pan.  When the tallow’s melted, add the potatoes and a pat of basil butter from the freezer.  Salt and pepper. Let them cook, don’t stir too often so they will brown nicely.

While the potatoes are cooking, slice a few strawberries into a bowl and add some basalmic vinegar and a tiny bit of sea salt.  Then crack your eggs into another bowl, whisk them up with a little water and sea salt and pepper.  Stir the potatoes as needed.  Give everyone a taste of the heavenly mushrooms (points for Mom-of-the-Year), then clean up a little and get plates ready.

When the potatoes are done, put them on the plates and add some coconut oil to the pan.  When that’s melted, pour in the eggs.  Let it sit there til they’re starting to congeal, then use a spatula to lift the sides, allowing the liquid part to go down under the lifted part.  Do this til it’s mostly done (if you’re using good eggs from happy chickens that you know–otherwise, take care that the eggs are cooked thoroughly 😉 .) Use a slotted spoon (or your hand) to transfer the heavenly mushrooms to one half of the omelet.  Cover with some cheese and any leftover parsely.  Take the spatula to the other side and carefully turn the omelet over onto the mushroom side.  Cut the omelet into wedges and transfer to the plates.  Garnish plates with the strawberries.  Pour the kefir.  Salud!

Mushroom cheese omelet, home fries, strawberries


2 responses to “Four Good Fats. (How to make breakfast)

  1. Sounds yummy and the picture looks very appetizing. (One small typo…you typed “the” and I think you mean it to say “then”. I feel it is my duty to point that out…hee hee)

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