Menu Plan Monday (3-15-10)


  • Prep-Cook & freeze pintos, enchilada sauce


  • D-Roast chicken & potatoes, collard greens
  • Prep-Chicken bone broth; thaw buns


  • B-Basted eggs, home fries (make extra), kefir
  • L-PB/honey sandwich, grapes
  • D-Cheeseburgers on homemade buns, LO home fries
  • Prep-Soak waffle batter


  • B-Waffles, bacon, fried eggs, kefir
  • L-Pickled eggs, cornbread
  • D-Salmon patties, greens, LO cornbread
  • Prep-Thaw pate


  • B- Fried eggs, hash browns, sauerkraut, fruit smoothie
  • L-Liver pate & veggie sandwich
  • D-LO night
  • Prep-Soak pot pie dough; thaw chicken


  • B-Scrambled eggs, toast, kefir
  • L-Cheesy mashed potatoes, sauerkraut
  • D-Chicken pot pie, cole slaw
  • Prep-Thaw tomato puree


  • B-Fried eggs, hash browns, sauerkraut, smoothie
  • L-Homemade tomato soup, bread

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One response to “Menu Plan Monday (3-15-10)

  1. I like how your menu plan includes prep for the following day. Nice!

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