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Just hand over the potatoes, ma’am. (Oven fries)

This is a very easy recipe. Your children could make these (minus the chopping). You take your potatoes. Cut them in thin wedges (or slices or sticks) and put them in a baking dish. Throw on some good fat. I like to use a combo, like olive oil and beef tallow. If you have some herb butter in the freezer, thaw first and use that. I’m going to use some rosemary butter for mine tonight, along with beef tallow. Sea salt and pepper. Use your hands to combine so the potatoes get all covered in the oil mix. I can’t tell you how much oil–you obviously don’t want them drowning in it, but make sure they’re very well coated.

Bake at 425 degrees until they’re done and crispy, maybe 40-50 minutes, turning once or twice in between.

Over-the-top variation:  Add some BBQ sauce before hand tossing. 🙂 Now that’s a good potato!

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